phil.panda [head of fusszucker rec.]

style of music: progressive psytrance, psytrance, psygressive, psytech and around

about: currently located in nuremberg, grown up in the famous psyscene around sauerland / ruhrgebeat, during the last 5 years played at most of the important clubs, parties and festivals in southern germany, some in the rest of germany, and a few around europe

organizer and founder of the fusszucker crew and fusszucker events

as a graphic artist he is also doing the flyer, webdesign for e.g. fusszucker records, dreamspaceproject from stuttgart and rebirth 13 from suisse, concept of the webdesign from the famous progressive label spintwist records, flyer / cover for some other befriended party crews / artists and the whole marketing from fusszucker records

web: soundcloud | facebook | youtube | delicatek bookings | beatport


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